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Additional Manual
FANUC PANEL i for Automotive
Connecting Manual
X 10 pairs
PCR-E20FA PCR-V20LA/PCS-E20LA (Honda Tsushin Kogyo)
FI30-20S FI-20-CV2/FI-20-CV7 (Hirose Electric)
FCN-247J020-G/E FCN-240C020-Y/S (Fujitsu)
52622-2011 52624-2015 (Molex Japan)
Assign 2 bytes input on the I/O Link. Assign name : /2
DI address of soft keys are as follows in assignment from Xm.
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Xm+0 L8 L7 L6 L5 L4 L3 L2 L1
Xm+1 R8 R7 R6 R5 R4 R3 R2 R1

Contents Summary of Connecting Manual for Fanuc Panel i for Automotive Additional Manual

  • Page 1FANUC PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTING MANUAL Introduction This manual describes mounting information of the FANUC PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE (Make the following PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE.) with the FANUC CNC to the machine tools. ATTENTION - The copyright of Windows R 2000, Windows NT R 4.0, Windows R XP
  • Page 2INDEX 1. Total Connection -------------------------------------------------- 3 2. Specifications 2.1 Hardware specifications ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 2.2 Environment --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 2.3 Po
  • Page 3: Optical Link Module & Cable 1. Total Connection : AMP(Dynamic) CNC Control Unit I/O Link device I/O Link device : AMP(mini-DIN6 pins) Master Board for 300i : HONDA TSUSHIN(PCR 20 pins) HSSB(COP21) or (master side) (slave side) : HIROSE DENKI(Flat Cable34 pins) HSSB Interface Board : HIROSE DENKI(F
  • Page 4(Note 1) There are peripheral devices in the market which isn't suitable for installing in the machine tool and for using during the machine operation in the durability to the environment side. Confirm the instruction manual of the used peripheral well. (Note 2) Keyboard port isn't available because
  • Page 52.Specifications 2.1 Hardware specifications Item Specification PANEL i (Basic Unit) Pentium III 1.26GHz or CPU Pentium III 866MHz or Celeron 733MHz Memory 128MB,256M or 512MB Display LCD 15.0” color LCD (1024x768 dots, 16,000,000 colors) Unit Option (1024x1024 dots. It is not possible to push 2 poi
  • Page 62.2. Environment When PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE is used, the following environmental conditions (as measured top of the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE inside the cabinet) must be ensured for the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE installation. Ambient temperature Operating : +5~ +45°C Non-operating : - 20~ +60°C Change in
  • Page 72.3. Power Specification 1) Power Supply Requirement A) Specification When the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE power supply is required. Input Voltage DC +24V ± 10% Current capacity 10A or more Note: If Handy File or other unit made by FANUC is connected to RS232C port, this value will increase by +1A. B) Ti
  • Page 83) Power Consumption approx. 60W Above operating includes the following devices. - PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE, HDD Unit, FAN for HDD, Keyboard, and Mouse. Above operating does not include the following devices. - FDD Unit, CD-ROM Drive, PCMCIA Card, PCI Extension board, USB device, and Devices to connec
  • Page 93. Mounting 3.1 Mounting space The following three spaces are required around the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE. A: Space for connecting cables. B: If PCI extension board exists, this space B is required for cable connection. The dimension X depends on cables connected to the PCI Extension board. C: This s
  • Page 104. Connection to Peripheral 4.1 Connector Location CA78B View from the back side CA78A Power Supply PCB Floppy Disk Master PCB PCI Back Panel Drive and PCB CD-ROM Drive Unit CD46L COP7 (for 150i/160i/180i/210i) CD34 (3) COP21 (for 300i) CA81A CPD14 CPD11A CPD11B CPD11C Hard Disk Drive CPE11C Unit CD
  • Page 11Power Supply PCB Connector Connector Function Reference Number Name CPD14 +24V INPUT Main Power Input Section 4.2. CPD11A FDD PWR FDD Power Output ― CPD11B HDD PWR 1 HDD Power Output ― CPD11C HDD PWR 2 CD-ROM Drive Power Output ― CPE11C HDD FAN FAN for HDD ― I/O Link adapter PCB (Option) Connector C
  • Page 124.2 Main Power Input PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE CPD14 A1 +24V B1 +24V A2 0V B2 0V A3 B3 AMP 2-178127-6 (CASE) 1-175218-5 (CONTACT, single) or 1-175196-5 (CONTACT, connection) 1) Cable Wiring A1 +24V ● +24V A2 0V ● 0V B1 +24V B2 0V 2) Recommended Cable Material Use wire of AWG#16 (1.3mm2)or thicker. Note
  • Page 134.3 Serial Port 1 PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE ex.) Host Computer JD33 (PCR-EV20MDT) (DBM-25) 1 RD 11 SD 1 FG 14 2 0V 12 0V 2 SD 15 3 DR 13 ER 3 RD 16 4 0V 14 0V 4 RS 17 5 CS 15 RS 5 CS 18 6 (Reserve) 16 (Reserve) 6 DR 19 7 CD 17 (Reserve) 7 SG 20 ER 8 (Reserve) 18 (Reserve) 8 CD 21 9 RI 19 (+24V) 9 22 RI
  • Page 144.4 Serial Port 2 PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE ex.) Host Computer JD46 (PCR-EV20MDT) (Dsub 9 pin) 1 RD 11 SD 1 CD 6 DR 2 0V 12 (Reserve) 2 RD 7 RS 3 DR 13 ER 3 SD 8 CS 4 0V 14 (Reserve) 4 ER 9 RI 5 CS 15 RS 5 SG 6 (Reserve) 16 (Reserve) 7 CD 17 (Reserve) 8 (Reserve) 18 (Reserve) 9 RI 19 (+24V) 10 (+24V) 2
  • Page 154.5 Parallel Port PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE ex.) Printer JD9 (PCR-EV20MDT) 1 *STB 19 0V 1 STD0 11 *STB 2 STD0 20 0V 2 STD1 12 0V 3 STD1 21 0V 3 STD2 13 *AFD 4 STD2 22 0V 4 STD3 14 0V 5 STD3 23 0V 5 STD4 15 *INIT 6 STD4 24 0V 6 STD5 16 0V 7 STD5 25 0V 7 STD6 17 *SLIN 8 STD6 26 0V 8 STD7 18 *ACK 9 STD7 2
  • Page 164.6 High Speed Serial Bus (HSSB) HSSB Interface Board PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE ( CNC side) Optical Fiber Cable COP 7 (for 150i/160i/180i/210i) COP7 (for 150i/160i/180i/210i) (3) COP21 (for 300i) COP21 (for 300i) 1) RECOMMENDED CABLE(Optical Fiber Cable) A66L-6001-0026#L1R003・・・Cable Length = 1 m A66L-
  • Page 174.7 Mouse PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE CD32U (mini-DIN6) 6 5 MSCLK 4 +5V 3 0V 2 1 MSDATA Mouse (in the market) Note 1) Some kinds of Mouse may not work properly with PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE, so careful checking by the customer will be required. And please be aware that Mouse in the market is not almost con
  • Page 184.8 USB PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE USB port1 (rear side) CD41L 1 USB1_5V 2 USB1- 3 USB1+ 1234 4 USB1_0V USB port2 (front right side) CD41M 1 USB2_5V 2 USB2- 3 USB2+ 1234 4 USB2_0V USB port3 USB port2 USB port3 (front left side) CD46L 1 USB3_5V 2 USB3- 3 USB3+ 1234 4 USB3_0V Note 1) Commercial USB device
  • Page 194.9 Ethernet Before attaching or removing cables, power off the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE, and confirm that the power is off. When installing network cables, exercise sufficient caution so that the network will not be affected by any noise source. Some of the units (hub, transceiver, etc.) required to
  • Page 204.10 Conversion of vertical soft keys and I/O Link Vertical soft keys can be read from CNC directly via I/O Link if the unit have I/O Link option. It depends on the specification of the unit the way of connection to vertical soft keys Vertical softkeys a. No I/O Link conversion function (A08B-0084-B
  • Page 211) CONNECTION TO CNC OR I/O LINK DEVICE I/O Link master device PANEL i for automotive (ex. CNC unit, cell controller or etc.) JD1A JD1B I/O Link slave device JD1A (ex. I/O unit, machine operators panel or etc.) JD1B JD1A JD1B (PCR-E20MDA) (PCR-E20MDA) 1 SIN 11 0V 1 SIN 11 0V 2 *SIN 12 0V 2 *SIN 12 0
  • Page 222) RECOMMENDED CABLE MATERIAL A66L-0001-0284#10P・・・0.08mm2 X 10 pairs 3) RECOMMENDED CONNECTOR FOR CABLE and HOUSING CONNECTOR HOUSING MAKER PCR-E20FA PCR-V20LA/PCS-E20LA (Honda Tsushin Kogyo) FI30-20S FI-20-CV2/FI-20-CV7 (Hirose Electric) FCN-247J020-G/E FCN-240C020-Y/S (Fujitsu) 52622-2011 52624-2
  • Page 235.Method of Mounting PCI Extension Board 5.1 Usable Board The size of usable board on the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE is defined as below figure, and one or two boards can be mounting on the PANEL i for AUTOMOTIVE. Parts height of back side : up to 3mm Fix by screw Parts height of front side : up to 13mm
  • Page 246. Outline 6.1 Basic Unit ( Unit : mm, Weight : 10kg ) 125 12.65 Upper View (Without FDD&CD-ROM Drive Unit) This size is 20mm at the screw of the doors of PCMCIA slot and USB interface. 160 Upper View (With FDD&CD-ROM Drive Unit) 482.6 screw lock for door 354.8 screw lock for door Front View There i
  • Page 257.5 97.9 134.6 134.6 97.9 7.5 6.8 29.6 101.6 76.2 101.6 6.8 29.6 14-M4 Rear View 97.9 134.6 134.6 97.9 29.6 14-Φ5 325 101.6 450 76.2 101.6 6.8 7.5 29.6 Panel Cutting (Basic Unit is mounted from outside of the panel) TITLE FANUC PANEL i for Automotive Connecting Manual DRAW. NO. CUST A-83132E SHEET E
  • Page 267. Appendix 7.1 Key code of soft keys and function keys Key code of the soft keys at screens side are as follows. L1 R1 L2 R2 L3 R3 L4 R4 L5 R5 L6 R6 L7 R7 L8 R8 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18 F19 F20 F21 F22 F23 F24 F25 F26 Relation of Soft Keys and their Code Key Co
  • Page 277.2 Vertical soft key details 7.3 Horizontal soft key details TITLE FANUC PANEL i for Automotive Connecting Manual DRAW. NO. CUST 03 04.06.07 Nogami Section 7.2 and 7.3 are added. A-83132E SHEET EDIT DATE DESIG. DESCRIPTION 27 / 27