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Additional Manual
Multi C-Executor for
FANUC Series16i/18i-MODEL B
Rewritten partially
Multi C-Executor for
FANUC Series 16i/18i-MODEL B

Contents Summary of Multi C-Executer for FS 16i / 18i Model B Additional Manual

  • Page 1Multi C-Executor for FANUC Series 16i/18i-MODEL B Description Multi C-Executor for Title FANUC Series16i/18i-MODEL B Description Draw No. A-76529 2 03,06,12 Matsuura Rewritten partially Edit Date Design Description Sheet 1/12 Date 03.05.15 Desig. H.Matsuura Apprv
  • Page 21. Outline The program of C language executor is what integrates the libraries which provided by FANUC and the user's application program which is made by MTB and is stored in a single file (MEM file). This MEM file is loaded into the memory of CNC and executed under the management of the NC softwar
  • Page 3In the Multi C-Executor, two application programs (MEM file which links the user application programs with the library) are built in. Two application programs are called the master application program and the slave application program and distinguished. Master Application User’s Application → CNC Wi
  • Page 44. Applied functions 4.1 Applied function on each Task Followings are applied functions on each Task of Master(user's) application. M A C W H Standard function ○ ○ ○ ○ × Key input ○ × × × × Character display ○ × × ○*4 × Graphic display ○ × × ○*4 × File input/output ○ ○*1 ○*1 × × CNC/PMC window ○ ○*2
  • Page 54.2 Restrictions Set and use following functions for the collision not to happen between application programs. (1) Setting for user screen No. Be careful not to use the same number by the master application and the slave application. crt_setuserscrn Registration of screen number of user screen crt_s
  • Page 6・ MDI Key matrix of MGi (1) Key Code table of M Series full key(10 soft key) type +0 +2 +4 +6 +8 +A +C +E ----+------+------+------+------+------+------+------+------ 50 │ 30 D0 31 D1 32 D2 33 D3 34 D4 35 D5 36 D6 37 D7 60 │ 38 D8 39 D9 2D 2D 2E 2E 00 00 2F 2F 0A 0A 08 A8 70 │ 96 96 94 94 95 C5 0D 0
  • Page 7・ Setting the attribute of control Kind of key Attribute of control -------------------+------------------------ RESET key MDI_TO_BOTH : Can be read by both CNC and application ・ Setting of auto repeat (1) The key which is enabled auto repeat. Cursor key / Page key / CAN key (2) Setting the time for
  • Page 85. Shared memory (1) DRAM variable Individual area is reserved for each application. These area for variable can not be accessed each other. (2) SRAM variable and SRAM disc Individual area is reserved for each application, and the area size for each application is set by parameter. These area for va
  • Page 9Appendix.1 User application for Multi C-Executor It is necessary to change the user application of usual C-Language Executor as follows to make it correspond to Multi C-Executor. 1 Items which must be changed in master application (user application) (1) C Language Library ・Compile, and link all sour
  • Page 10The flow of power ON process under the Multi C-Executor environment is as follows, when the master application which corresponded the above-mentioned is used.. Master application Slave application Power ON Initialize Graphics Display TITLE (Hold) Initialize process at Power ON yes (Hold) Display TIT
  • Page 112. Libraries to which are added for Multi C-Executor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Switch of main Task
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Name] os_resm_slv [Format] unsigned short os_resm_slv( void )
  • Page 12Appendix.2 Start up process of multi C Executor system (1) Loading of MEM file ・Do the loading of each MEM file into FROM, for master application and slave application. They are stored in F-ROM as following NAME. Master application : CEX 1.0M, CEX 2.0M, CEX ?.0M Slave application :CS1 1.0M, CS1 2.0M